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We are pleased to announce that on 14.07.2018 our long-term partner – Energylandia – completed the construction of the highest and fastest mega / hyper coaster in Europe. From first day guest had their photos available from our photo system.

Hyperion itself is over 80 meters tall, and its maximum speed is 142km / h. The overall length of the track is 1450m. It’s hard to describe the feelings from the ride, you need to feel them yourself.

The photographic system itself is already the 11th installation in Energylandia. It is also our first system where we take photos from two cameras – on the left and on the right side of the track. We did not go for the easy way – we take pictures at practically the maximum speed. Without a doubt, this installation has been the biggest challenge in the history of our company so far.

We congratulate Energylandia its new attraction. We are sure that it is currently the fastest growing amusement park in the world and we are happy that we can work with the best.