We are a group of young, skilled and imaginative people,
offering systems for motion photos in all and any entertainment park.

Our company was established in 2012. Since that time we have been continually developing and extending our business in the subsequent centres of the same sort in Poland and abroad. We are one of three companies in Europe providing this sort of services. Another company rendering similar services is located in Great Britain.

From the onset of our business we provide services for Energylandia -the world’s fastest developing entertainment park. Thousand of satisfied clients benefited from our offer.

We fix professional photo-taking systems in entertainment parks, water parks, tube tracks of ski lifts, taking photos of the clients, using the equipment in their most exciting moments.

We provide complex services; we employ graphic designers, IT developers, electronic engineers and technical engineers. We are reliable, open, acting instantly and devoted to our work. Our system is trouble-free, we offer 24-hour on-line service.

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WATER PARK photo systems

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