s offering a solution to sell photos and other souvenirs from thrill rides in theme parks.

A typical system is constructed from the following components:

- image acquisition camera
- flash unit
- sensor for image take triggering 
- screens with microcomputers for image display
- photo printer
- web service for sending images via email to clients (you can share the image on social networks with one click)
- operator’s computer

The solution is designed to deliver an easy solution of taking and selling photos and souvenirs from thrill rides. It's created by our programmers and engineers. It's scalable and constantly improved to meet needs of our clients. It reached 100% uptime in 2015 season in biggest polish theme park "Energylandia".

In tandem with our system, we developed an online web service to send photos to clients’ email. Clients can input there email address on which they'll receive a message with attached image. The message also contains links for one-click share on most popular social networks. Currently we support Facebook, Google+, Twitter, LinkedIn, but we are open to implement more. Email addresses are stored in database and might be used to send newsletters.

Advantages over other solutions:

- reliability
- long lifetime of used components
- remote desktop support 
- scalable photo count in series 
- sending photos to emails with share feature 
- low operating costs 
Solution can be used on installations with multiply wagons (typical roller coaster - for example 10 photos within 1 second) or single wagons (for example one photo every 15 seconds). We know that typical system can take up to 5 thousand photos per day, so we are using cameras that don't contain any wearing parts like shutter. 

Key element of every installation is artificial frame lighting. This element must be selected to suit conditions on the spot. The most important variables are distance from frame and number of shoots in series. In case of large number of wagons we allow several lamps with additional electronics switching between them.

We are open to how you want to display images to clients. We allow large screens divided into individual photos or one picture per screen. Each image is displayed with a unique number and can be printed using it, later during the day. The picture is automatically retouched before print. Theme graphics is applied with park name and logos. The handling for the stuff is simple and intuitive. The training lasts up to 15 minutes.

Along with the system we provide:

- on-site inspection;
- selection of technology (sensors, lighting, camera, lens);
- forging of mechanical and structural elements for a particular attraction;
- graphics design for the system;
- installation on the spot;
- warranty and post-warranty service.

The company is established in Poland, and we are covering the whole Europe with our services. Our system is made mainly from components produced in Germany, France and Poland. If you are interested please do not hesitate to contact us. We'll be happy to answer all your questions.

Contact with us:

German contact

- Benjamin Maćkowiak +49 01736541191 e-mail

Polish contact

- Łukasz Uziębło tel. +48 691 687 830 e-mail
- Jakub Łasiński tel. +48 501 961 105 e-mail

English contact

- Jakub Łasiński +48 501-961-105 e-mail